The driving and life philosophy of Ari Vatanen (former rally champion)

Writing and Formula1 (Racing + Writing in the Zone)


A true master of terrain, Ari has taken on tarmac, sand, dirt and ice to emerge as an icon of the motorsport world.

Ari started out in the world of motorsports with rally driving in 1970, making his first appearance in the World Rally Championship in 1974. Between 1980 – 1985 he secured 10 victories in the World Rally Championship series.

He suffered life-threatening injuries during the Rally Argentina when his car somersaulted at over 120mph. He had to take an 18 month break from the sport but was determined not to give up. In 1987 he returned to the sport in a blaze of glory, competing in the Dakar Rally, taking 1st place 4 times in 5 years, and going to win the Pikes Pike International Hillclimb. Over the course of his illustrious career he has raced for Ford, Opel, Peugeot, Subaru, BMW, Mitsubishi and Citroen.

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