Is the New Way of Working a scam?

The Habit Magazine

Habit AHA: The New Way of Working doesn’t exist

So it all started with Microsoft in 2005. They stated that NWoW is a different way of working and collaboration supported by the latest technology. But after a while, every company that adapted NWoW gave their own, slightly adjusted definition of this ‘new way of working’ … !

habit aha

So. It’s a scam?

No, it just looks like there isn’t only 1 new way of working, but that you can define it to your own taste and company … Once you ask the ‘old way’ of working into question, you start building a new, personalised way of working.

But how do I know if I am working old or new?

There is a way to know if you work in NWoW environment or not … We searched, and found the basic building blocks that make an NWoW company! Check them out!…

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