The windmills of my mind (today)

JOHN'S PIX: Pictures (great) by my old friend John ("Jet")

mountains early morning light2.jpgmountains early morning light

When I was quite young I was a little baffled when my Dad said, “ Just look at those mountains, are they not just too beautiful ? “

Really ? They are just mountains, was my silent reaction.

Now so many years later, Mountains in the early morning light, or the gentle hues of evening, a Forrest at any time of the day, the unheralded consummate beauty of insects, birds, animals of any description, the sea, ever restless majestic and powerful, hold me spellbound , humble and grateful.

My wealth lies in my mind, a kaleidoscope of images, scents , nuances and feelings, the salty sea on my skin, the memory of a fragrance, a loved one, no longer there, my special, oh so special furry four footed loves, gone to a playground in the sky, perhaps.

No money in this World can buy the gentle touch of the…

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