Bounce Back from Adversity: When Enough is Enough
Obrigado (??) for the likes, Alexandra and all the best with your blog

Ouso Escrever

The Buddhists say without mud, there is no lotus. They also defend having a big mind means you can share your adverse experiences by either talking or writing with no filter because you see it as a way to improve yourself.

Because we are so close to Christmas now, I decided it was the right time to write about one topic that has been the pain of my ass all this year. I’m not doing it because I want to talk about my private life, so far from that. I want to show you when it’s time to let things go and when it’s time to say no to people, even if they are family.

I believe you know that being a farmer and have a farm is one of the toughest jobs because unpredictability is part of the game. You can’t control the weather for sure, and human actions…

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