Film Review: BREAKER, Japan/Canada, Sci-Fi/Action

Festival Reviews

BREAKER, an eleven minute Japanese-Canadian Science Fiction short, directed by Philippe McKie, will take you on a wild ride through time, space and technology. When our heroine, an advanced freelance technology hacker, has her own mind hacked by a digital data weapon, she is forced to follow the data weapons’ instructions to claim her own mind back. The data weapon can help our hero, but it is also desperate to get itself to a place with wifi, so it can upload itself out of her brain and into cyberspace where it can be safe. But when our heroine is badly injured, can the data-weapon help save- if not her body, her mind?

What makes this piece wonderful, other than the colorful quality production value, the stunning visual effects and the high-concept story, is the writing. Without spoon-feeding the crowd, this story carries with it the rich and complex world-building you…

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