“The Nurses” Book???

"An Ordinary Person, One Extraordinary Life"


I often say to “the nurse” that she should write HER story (she agrees it is quite different/amazing (“unbelievable”??) and am sure many readers “out there” would like it. By the way she reads very widely/voraciously * (big word, eh, like ‘marmalade) and writes very well – way more “conventionally/normally” than “totally impulsive/driven/obsessive” me (“you’re not like ‘real/proper writers, c;!’). Once written  I could quickly publish it with Amazon, but she’s extremely private and doesn’t share at all online…so don’t think likely to happen.

# She reads so fast that the pages start smouldering

Anyway I take up more than enough space on the www already. So get your own internet, you fairy!”



from a “Google’ (to rescue me from “sheer utter chaos”)


“Spaced out very slow reader of NOT much” c

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