I Am Flailing, I Am Flailing.


We interrupt these proceedings for a short message, whinge from our sponsor. WTF ! Last week I carefully prepared a post for today and scheduled it to appear while I was out. Did it publish, No. Can I find it, No. Yet the previous one went through sweetly. Having more faith than I probably should have I did not have a written record of the records I chose, expecting the post itself to be adequate record. So over 12 hours later than expected I present you with probably a totally different list of songs to enjoy(?).

Last week a good friend mentioned Annie Lennox as a favourite of hers. I have to admire her good taste. Here, just for you Andrea, no-one else will listen.

Going a bit further back now to 1966, grab your flower power shirts and your flares. Prepare yourself for a sigh of the young…

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