Kenny Rogers Roasted

Perhaps I should have posted on a more approprite blog, like

No matter…

I like Kenny
“totally unmusical and impulsive” c

“Be bold and unseen forces come to one’s aid”

Joseph D. Newcomer

For this all to work as designed it has to operate like a casino. It’s predicated on the fact that most of us will lose and just keep putting more into the machine. The machine empties into one pocket. Money and happiness flow upward and work and misery flow down.

Kenny Rogers was mistaken. You never had a choice in the first place. There is no holding or folding, and you can’t walk away let alone run. You are, however, on a train bound for nowhere, but you’re in engine car with everyone else, shoveling your soot-black soul into the furnace to keep the machine moving toward its nowhere destination.

Listen to me read this post with bonus material below or find it most places you listen to podcasts.

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