The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

God’s masterpiece(our jigsaws)
“I see life’s amazing journey and the various people with whom we come into contact (and whose lives touch us and the ones we touch) as a jigsaw, a beautiful masterpiece made up so many pieces (facets). We make many of the choices regarding our individual paths and ‘destinies’, but God is the artist, the Ultimate director and conductor.”
Just wrote that a few moments ago

My Spirit Book

Originally posted on A NEW JESUS: Making Christ Relevant (more) to Us in Today’s Uncertain World: Reaching People and “Finding God”* Inside and OUTSIDE the/of Church: The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus told parables, sometimes giving interpretations, other times the listeners had to discover the meaning for themselves. Discover the…

The Parable of the Jigsaw Puzzle — WHO IS “THE REAL, THE TRUE, THE LIVING” JESUS?

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