Memories: Fuel for Staying Alive

Memories (Barbara Streisand)


from my filing system at “BIG G” (ie.Google) #
to rescue me from “sheer utter chaos”


Ten Thousand Days

“That people’s memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. Whether those memories have any actual importance or not, it doesn’t matter as far as the maintenance of life is concerned. They’re all just fuel. To the fire, they’re nothing but scraps of paper. It’s the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so-important memories, totally useless memories; there’s no distinction-they’re all just fuel.”

-Haruki Murakami, After Dark

One of my favorite singers, Wes Eisold of the modern day goth band, Cold Cave, posted this quote last week.

It’s been on my mind ever since.

I often think about my fight for life.

53 days in a hospital bed where I never had the strength nor lung capacity to even take a single shower in that time. The use of high flow oxygen and high-powered drugs helped keep me alive. But my positivity, patience, zero fear and my quest…

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