Me and my Ted Talks :)
thanks or the like and happy writing
“Waking up sleepy-head” c

rare walk

My shoes might probably be thinking I have died, all thanks to the lockdown. I don’t think I have worn my best of clothes lately since February, credits to the lockdown. So bad I wish right now that the Coronavirus had started in Las Vegas first for “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Whole bunch of my stuff and family members at home might be done with my antics so much so that they now have started wishing all this is over and the world is back to normal again. All this ‘pollution so less that I see what not’ has started to make sense if not factually, that people are now claiming to see Eiffel Tower from India, Amazon crocs from Japan to even spotting God through the clear sky.

Few more days into this quarantine and my shoes would definitely be like –
Where’d she been and…

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